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Research has shown that first 6 years of life plays a crucial role in the development of the intellect self-esteem and self-confidence. In this age children need to be nurtured in an atmosphere of love and affection. We make kids learn through play and also provide recreational activities to channelize there energy and to exercise their thought process.
We have in-house designed curriculum with combinations of different methods and approaches for an all-round (physically, intellectually, socially & emotionally) development of the child.
1. Montessori Method
2. Play way Method
3. Kindergarten
4. Multiple Intelligence
The curriculum is divided into "themes" that are carried across learning areas. Concepts are brought alive through visual, auditory and kinetic experiences that included activities, field trips and constant interaction.
Our curriculum takes care of the following area of kids intelligence development:
Gross Motor Skill - Here we improve the balance and coordination of child through activities like running, climbing, hopping & playing with balls. We also have sand & water play. Physical development activities help in the development of strength, balance, stamina & co-ordination.
Fine Motor Skill - Here child's ability to write & manipulate small objects is developed. This is done thru activities like dough play, sorting, dressing, coloring & craft.
Mathematical Concepts - This has activities like matching objects, sorting & classifying, using comparative terms, labeling numerals & recognizing numbers.
Science Concepts - This has activities of observing & identifying body parts, using five senses, colors, classifying & categorizing animals, natural recourses. We let children do simple experiments also.
Language Concepts - Linguistic Intelligence is developed thru Poem Recitation Dramatic play, puppet shows, storytelling & Role play. Recognizing & reading letters, Phonetic letter learning. Poem recitation also enhances memory skills.
Life Skills - Here we make children understand the importance of using good manners, attitude & to follow directions & to solve problems.
Music Skill - This includes playing musical instruments. Dancing as per the music to understand rhythm. This also helps to develop language.
Art & Craft - This develops the visual & spatial intelligence. Drawing, painting, cutting, pasting, crumpling paper, tearing. This helps in creative development of child.
9 Field Trips - Kids are taken out of the school for field visits for real experience.
10 Social Development : Done thru group Play, Sharing.
11 Emotional Development
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