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Parent’s FAQ
Q1-Why send your child to Tots Planet?
Your child learns to make friends, learns the important social skills of caring, sharing etc. We provide an environment of learning through play. It is the correct place for your child to start learning the important skills in life. Your child will feel comfortable in the presence of other children of the same age group.
Q2-Do the children have an opportunity to be creative each day?
Your child gets ample opportunity for his/her artistic expression at Tots Planet. Children are involved in various activities throughout the day for e.g.: painting, clay modelling, role play, etc.
Q3-How does Tots Planet helps children acquire different skills?
At Tots Planet, we plan and provide child centered fun-filled activities according to the different levels of development, interest and need. They are planned and sequenced in ways to foster children’s motor, cognitive, language and socio-emotional development. There is a balance in the daily schedule of small and large activities, group as well as individual activities, indoor and outdoor activities, physical and mental activities. Children soon learn to accept and respond to instructions given by the teachers.
Q4- Isn’t it too early for a child of one-and-a-half year to be attending pre-school?
Studies have proved that the first six years of an individual’s life are critical since development/growth takes place at its most rapid during in this period. Tots Planet provides the necessary environment for the overall development of the child. Children get the opportunity to pick up good language, for self expression, experimentation and problem solving.
Q5- Are basic math’s, language and science concepts included in each day’s program?
To understand better the world around them, Children’s need to know math’s and science concepts. They imbibe these at Tots Planet through activities and play.
Q7- Are manners and etiquette also important as studies?
Etiquette and manners are important in today’s world. They are developed in children as part of the curriculum at Tots Planet.
Q8- Are admissions to the programs open throughout the year?
Admissions are open throughout the year (space permitting) but we recommend that children be enrolled at the start of the academic session (June) or at the start of the 2nd term (October)
Q10- Why should we enroll in Tots Planet?
We provide:
  1. Exceptional Infrastructure
2. Experienced and Dedicated Faculty
3. Safe, Secure and Clean Enviornment
4. Activity based curriculum
5. Creative teaching philosophy
6. Parent Involvement
Q13-Where can I find information on the fee structure?
The Center head will provide all the information at the time of enquiry/enrolment.
Q14. I find your fees higher?
As we have stated that our aim is to provide “Right education at right cost”. Our fee is much less compared to schools that are providing similar facilities. Our fee is inclusive of curriculum, study material and field trips. We believe in transparency and don’t have hidden charges. We have put our fee to support best of services which we are providing, without unnecessarily burdening the parents.
Q15. Your school is relatively new?
We have very experienced teachers with us, who are having more than 25 years of combined experience in teaching pre-scholars. They have taught in top-most preschools in India and abroad. Our curriculum is well researched and developed in-house with consultation of experienced people in this field. We keep improving our curriculum to suit our kids. Our facilities are best and well thought for development of kids. So, we have experience people and right infrastructure for tomorrow’s STARs. Also, Please go through the feedback of satisfied parents, who have seen immense improvement in their wards.
Q16. What is student-teacher ratio?
Tots Planet has low student-teacher ratio, such that each kids get maximum attention. Generally, child teacher ratio is 15:3 (2 teachers and 1 assistant).
Q17- What are the programs that Tots Planet offers?
Our programs include:
  1. Playgroup
2. Nursery
3. Summer Camp
4. Art & Craft Classes
5. After School Club
6. Library Membership
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